Printed Banner Mesh

Printed Banner Mesh is our highest quality and most popular printed mesh product. It is less opaque when compared to printed Shade Cloth therefore visually superior when printed on. The high quality print is great at catching the eye of passing traffic, and perfect for use on large building sites as it breathes and permits airflow.

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We can print banner mesh as entire rolls for long fencing runs on construction sites, to wrap multi-story scaffolding, or for custom sized banners for use at events and sponsor signage for sporting fields and festivals.

Our banner mesh is finished with a 50mm reinforcing weld at over 600 degrees, creating tear proof edges. Then the stainless steel eyelets are punched through the reinforcing, as these were found to be stronger and longer lasting than the brass eyelets, thus giving it the strongest support and making for easy installation.

We have three different grades of banner mesh each serves its own purpose:

We can digitally print mesh up to 5 meters in height and up to 50 meters long without joins, as well as making smallerĀ custom sized banners.

We deliver nationwide and are supported by depots in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

Printed banner and fencing mesh rolls are available as a full colour print or a part print (50%) on white you can find our standard sizes below:

Banner Mesh

comparison table

Banner Mesh LitePremium Banner MeshEconomy Mesh
print quality
suitability in high winds
suitability for privacy
available size