How Do Materials Affect The Print Quality?

Image definition, print and product quality.

One of the key points to consider when deciding between Banner Mesh or Printed Shade Cloth is print quality. This can differ between products and is mainly affected by the tightness of the weave.

Tighter weaves have greater block out capability, it lets less light through. The less light that’s let through the deeper the colour looks from a distance.  This has the most impact on the dark colours like black, which can appear to look grey in light or bright conditions particularly on looser weave banner mesh or printed shadecloth.

Print Quality Matters

Here is an example of the same print on our different types of fabric.

Shade Cloth

Banner Mesh Lite


Economy Mesh

Premium Banner Mesh


 Front-Lit Vinyl


Different weaves not only have different costs and print qualities, but also have different purposes. Environmental factors can play a role in which products best suited to your site these include wind, UV protection and whether the area needs to be protected from dust or debris, or needs to be covered for other occupational health and safety issues.

These should all be considered when making your decision, however if it’s a bit too confusing please give us a call we’re more than happy to help.

What types of inks do we use?

Our different products use different types of inks matched to the product and your artwork to ensure the best print quality possible.
We only use the highest quality and global standard HP inks

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